Whitley Bay Islamic Cultural Centre

WBICC successfully organized an Eid Cookie Decorating event, which was held on Monday 10th April. The aim of the event was to celebrate the upcoming holy month of Ramadan in a fun and memorable way for the children. The event was a great success, with lots of children attending and participating in the cookie decorating activity.

The children were filled with joy and excitement as they arrived at WBICC and saw the cookies laid out on the table. The cookies were shaped like moons and mosques, representing Muslim culture and traditions. The children were provided with different colored icing and sprinkles to create their own unique designs on the cookies.

The event was a great opportunity for children to engage in a creative activity and learn more about the significance of Eid and Ramadan in the Muslim community. The cookie decorating activity was a fun and memorable way for the children to celebrate and learn about their culture and traditions.

WBICC would like to thank all the children and families who attended the event and made it a great success. We hope that the children enjoyed the activity and learned more about the significance of Eid and Ramadan. We look forward to organizing more events in the future to engage and celebrate our diverse community.