Whitley Bay Islamic Cultural Centre

With the current cost of living crisis we know first hand how difficult it is for people to live their lives. It’s heartbreaking to know people have to decide between starving or staying warm this winter, and we feel obliged as community leaders to do something about this.

This year we’ve decided to start a new initiative that we’re calling “Community Winter Support Programme”. This programme will be supported by the Abdul Hannan Foundation and Whitley Bay Islamic Cultural Centre to really help support those who are struggling this winter.

As a charity we wish we can solve all the problems we face in our community, so to help those in need this winter we’ll be providing hot food, hygiene products and support to anyone who needs it. We are aware that during winter many members of our community are off work and will be with their loved ones, family and friends.

To any charities or individuals who want to get involved, please get in touch – let’s come together this winter and help those in need. We’re stronger together, always.

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